Changing a VM datastore to another in ESXi 6.7 without vMotion

I asked myself how i can migrate SSD from the old one (120GB) to the new one (960GB) without vMotion and on a small ESXi 6.7 hardware. Found out to be pretty simple.

  1. Connect to ESXi 6.7 address webpage.
  2. Power off the VM you would like to migrate.
  3. Go to the datastore and copy/move the VM folder to the other storage location where you like to have it.
  4. Right click on the VM and unregister. Confirm.
  5. Go again to the storage in the new location where you copy/moved the VM, find the vmx file, right click and Register VM.

For me, having a 16Gb VM it took like 2 minutes to copy from one SSD to another.

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