Pi-hole as ad blocking DNS + OS for it

I had to remove Pi-hole from the Raspberry Pi just to use resources for something else.
As i have a ESXi host, i just need a clean OS (linux) where to deploy Pi-hole.
Best option from my point of view? Diet-Pi (VMware version) + Pi-hole.

Problem 1. Because VMware version doesn’t work directly into ESXi tool/webpage i had to import version (I used Virtual Box version) on VMware Workstation (Windows version) and then export OVA from there.

Problem 2. Installation of Pi-hole doesn’t work using website script. You have to go into Diet-Pi config and search into applications for Pi-hole. Hit the “dietpi-software” command and Search for Pi-Hole and complete tutorial ahead.

That’s it. Now Pi-hole is consuming almost nothing resources.

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