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Add temperature and fan data to SNMP -> EdgeRouter

While playing with Librenms and EdgeRouter Infinity i found out that temperature and fan is missing from SNMP. Found that somebody did it manually but for USG PRO and i did it for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Infinity 2.0.8 version. We are going to use the same concept.Step1: ssh to your EdgeRouter. You can use Filezilla or putty. Default user/pass: ubnt/ubnt.Step2: sudo -i (to become root)Step3: create scripts for monitoring and checking fan and temperature. We have 5 sensors for temperature and

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How to resize a added new disk to a current running partition in Ubuntu 16.04 (running under VMware ESXi)

I would like to describe how i expand the current partition to a new added hard drive under ESXi (not expanding the running hard drive/partition).Because i saw to many tutorials, it was not clear for me how does this works. What we have:– 2 hard drives– 1 of 10 GB– 1 of 50 GB– third one just added of 100GB (the new one)– there is a running partition of 60 GB (aprox)– want to expand the running partition to 150-160

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How to configure VyOS as a home router

Because i’m a networking guy, i don’t like the default view of vyos configuration and I want to see clear cisco like configuration. For this i’m using “show configuration commands”. It works better I would say. We have here: free tunnel to using wireguard i have a free hotspot configured that is using wireguard to tunsafe. This hotspot have only 443 and 80 enabled. DNS works as well. This means free wifi for my neighbors. ppooe connection dhcp for

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Best OS for Homebridge and how to install it

So the best OS for Homebridge from my point of view is DietPi (even de VMware version). It’s very light and fast for homebridge. How to install Homebridge on DietPI? First of all, using dietpi-software (command in terminal) you have to install using search software bellow applications: build-essentials avahi-daemon node.js python And then using apt-get install bellow: # apt-get install -y libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev # npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge hap-nodejs node-gyp # npm which default # cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/ # npm install

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Script to install WireGuard on Ubiquiti

Because i had some issues with configuration lost on Edgerouter ER-4 after power loss i’ve search how to upgrade wireguard without losing configuration (like pubkey and privkey).I found this. Works pretty good. Installed. Saved. Reboot. ubnt@ubnt-oradea:~$ sudo -i root@ubnt-oradea:~# cd /config/scripts root@ubnt-oradea:/config/scripts# curl -LO --silent root@ubnt-oradea:/config/scripts# chmod +x root@ubnt-oradea:/config/scripts# ./ [INFO] Board model: EdgeRouter 4 [INFO] Board type: e300 [INFO] Board repo mapping: e300 [INFO] Firmware version: v2.0.4.5199165.190605.1549 [INFO] Installed WireGuard version: 0.0.20190601-1 [INFO] Release version: 0.0.20191219-2 [INFO]

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Pi-hole as ad blocking DNS + OS for it

I had to remove Pi-hole from the Raspberry Pi just to use resources for something else.As i have a ESXi host, i just need a clean OS (linux) where to deploy Pi-hole. Best option from my point of view? Diet-Pi (VMware version) + Pi-hole. Problem 1. Because VMware version doesn’t work directly into ESXi tool/webpage i had to import version (I used Virtual Box version) on VMware Workstation (Windows version) and then export OVA from there. Problem 2. Installation of

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Password recovery for Alcatel Omniswitch 6250/6450

It happens to lost the password for Alcatel Omniswitches 6250/6450 series.To recover the password you have to press “s” key at booting that will boot your switch into some kernel location where you can delete user table with passwords included (it means you will reset/delete current password list) WARNING: Stopping in miniboot as directed by boot flagsā€¦ [Miniboot]->cd "network" value = 0 = 0x0 [Miniboot]->ls . .. userTable5 lockoutSetting policy.cfg ssh_host_dsa_key value = 0 = 0x0 [Miniboot]->xdelete "userTable5" value

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Kernel panic to a bricked EdgeRouter X

For multiple locations we decided to use this model because if very cheap and powerful.First we had to decide to use between Zerotier and Wireguard but because of the time that zerotier is very easy to configure and because branches only have to access a webserver page we choose Zerotier. First tutorial on the internet showed us that is working with no problems on verson 2.X from Ubiquiti but we wanted go further just to be easier later on. In

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OpenWrt to Meraki MR33

As i got this for free from Cisco and i had to get rid of the firmware and license, OpenWRT is what we actually need. Step1. Open the case.Step2. You need a UART serial console. For this i used Raspberry Pi 4. Pins and how to can be found online, just google it.Step3. Once you are connected, you need pre-flash using UART serial.Step4. After pre-flashing is done, AP is listening for a TFTP device from where to download rest

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How to disable Wireguard static routing

I’m familiar to use dynamic routing and not static routing. All tutorials are with static routing where wireguard is included. First i tried to add the routing and then disable the routing in the same command. Like this: PostUp = ip route delete dev wg0; ip route delete dev wg0PostDown = sleep 2 Then i found a way to disable the complete manual routing with this syntax in the wireguard config file. Table = off Source.

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